• Our Core Services

    Cawley Chicago's service platform is scaleable and customizable for the specific enterprise-level objectives or transaction requirements of each client. We tailor every engagement according to product discipline and geographic territory, powered by accurate, reliable market intelligence delivered in a client-determined time-frame and format.



    • Tenant/buyer representation
    • Landlord/seller representation
    • Investment
    • Aquisition/disposition
    • Capital markets


    • Assets
    • Property
    • Facility
    • Construction
    • Receiverships


    • Costar
    • Loopnet
    • CRM
    • Team brokerage
    • Full-time support staff
    • IT staff
    • In-house marketing


    • Inspections Valuations
    • Appraisals
    • Material handling
    • Logistics
    • Business incentives
    • Workflows & processes


  • Service Strategy

    Cawley is an industry leader in client experience.  We go the extra mile to serve our client by driving our proprietary four-stage service strategy. Developed in 1985 and continually refined, our comprehensive strategy reveals the goals and issues, researches the best solutions, and matches those with real-time market intel that establishes the baseline negotiating position for our clients. It’s an experienced-based methodology which creates a clear path from goals and obstacles to solutions to a Critical Path Action Plan to complete the assignment.


    Discovery Confirmation

    • Existing/future physical conditions & specifications
    • Establish internal decision-making process/discuss & formalize external process
    • Viability study to determine potential obstacles
    • Timing, critical path & solution strategies discussion


    Market Intel

    • Historical/existing/trending market conditions
    • Lease/sale pricing including comparable closed deals
    • Benchmark incentives & operating expenses
    • Availabilities/competition including locational advantages (if any)


    Due Diligence

    • Comparative budgeting/alternative analysis vs. existing facility
    • Employee/management/demographic surveys
    • Logistics/material handling/product flow/mechanical assessments
    • Facility inspection tours with ownership/tenant critical review/appraisal



    • Refer to discovery confirmation goals as the strategy for favorable outcomes
    • Legal & business point documentation/verification
    • Lease clause preferences
    • Incentives/expansion/termination/non-disturbance/mechanicals/commencement
    • Sale contract language that allows satisfactory due diligence completion


  • Advantages: Values

    Since 1998, the mission of Cawley Chicago has stayed the same:

    To make a difference in people's lives professionally and personally through creating integrity-based relationships.



    • 24-hour response to EVERY inquiry or communication
    • Voice & email as a tool
    • Punctual for EVERY appointment & deadline
    • Collaborative vs competitive culture
    • Licensed support staff to keep deals moving
    • Ethical senior-level accessibility
    • Highly compensated internal fee structures
    • Tracking of market and deals leading to faster lease-up time



    • Superb street-level market intelligence
    • Values based on project decisions, recruiting & hiring
    • Measured performance through SMART goal-setting principles on every transaction
    • Product & geographically defined exclusive market intelligence
    • Training & integration at every level of the company
    • Blameless problem solving
    • Assumption that people are honest & fair



    • Experienced solutions-based expertise & strategies
    • Re-strategizing daily, weekly & monthly
    • Seek to understand client’s needs
    • Simple and clear documentation; written action plans
    • Communication for benefit of client’s understanding
    • Exposure to industry’s top 2% of deal makers nationally
    • Databases − self built, personally managed


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